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Welcome to Engineerocity, a new website for resilient learners. It would provide you with the best content extracted from different resources, which have authority in engineering publications and process designs along with my personal experience as a production engineer.

My name is Umer Farooq and I am a Chemical Engineer, currently serving in the Petrochemical Industry as a production Engineer.

If you are a chemical engineer and want to work in some of the best process industries, then you’ve landed on the perfect site.

The blog is intended to build up concrete concepts of industrial processes, along with the design and operation techniques. Chemical Engineering is a universal field because the scientific and technical mastery is quite broad.

They say science is the study of nature, engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to design solutions for established problems. And technology is the application of those engineering designs to commercialize things. My version of the definition for chemical engineering is: ” A chemical engineer is one who understands physics and mathematics, has enough knowledge of basic chemistry, and does some engineering to make useful products”. However, you can find the more scientific and philosophical definitions of this engineering discipline in the literature.

This website would also be very helpful for the students who are preparing for their technical interviews to get decent jobs. The topics we share on this blog would cover all aspects of particular equipment being used in industries, its design, operation and troubleshooting. I would also share content regarding process design and different subjects of the field. There would be plenty of learnings regarding HSE also.

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